Lisa placed 1st in the Masters 45 and over class C physique division at the North Americans this weekend earning her a IFBB Pro Card.  Lisa also had a 4th place finish in the open C class of physique. 

2012 WOW what a year - Recap!

Lisa has been a busy girl in 2012,  changed gears and had her best year ever.  After a 2nd  place finish in 2011 Emerald Cup Lisa decided to take some time work on her overall shape... get some more X factor going on.  Had high hopes of placing 1st in the 2012 Emerald Cup with the improvements.  The only concern was that the NPC had introduced this new division called Physique and with the added muscle would she be better suited for figure or physique?  She struggled with what to do for the Emerald Cup and made the decision to focus on her figure posing bring in the best shape and conditioning and see what happens. 

Lisa speaks on facebook

Lisa posted the following on facebook

"The hardest part after grueling months of dieting is knowing that you are going to put on weight and loose those beautiful lines that we etched in our bodies and those impossibly cool popping veins..*sigh*

 I plan on spending the couple days on a road trip back home after being down here in beautiful Venice Beach for a month with no food fish...(except sushi!) eat when I am hungry and eat choices I would normally not make. All fellow know what I mean! It is a tough thing to do!! The guilt that goes on... the draw of NO NO NO I have to go back to clean diet like right the f&*k NOW!! I still struggle with this part of the process. I know to effectively train and make gains is to put some fat in that diet and a wide variety of foods...fruits...good fats...some red meat...salmon...some dairy etc etc..a glass of wine and a good dinner with friends here and there. Come out of my house and a little. I look forward to coming home and putting myself back on a food schedule of my 'variety'. Train HARD!! get that glute muscle where it needs to be!! Put in that head of mine "PRO CARD"...that is my focus for the next 10 months!


3 for 3 In Women's Physique

When I posted watch out women's physique here comes Lisa ..... It was no joke.  Lisa has now competed in the physique division at three shows over the last few weeks and has three overalls. 

Bill Pearl Dessert Classic

Oregon Ironman

Southern California Championships

This last weekend winning the overall at that Southern California Championships in my opinion solidified that Lisa is on her way to being a top national amateur competitor in women's physique. 

The overall at the Bill Pearl was a great start at a small show so an overall was no surprise there.  The Oregon Ironman was a different story there were more competitors and all came in looking great, but again Lisa shined and took the overall.... it was then she decided to take things out of State.  We were already planning a trip to watch the Southern California Championships so signing up for the show just made sense.

Overall in her physique debut at the Bill Pearl

Lisa won the overall at Bill Pearl last weekend, even though there were only four competitors she was able to show off her newly learned routine and practice her posing ... she did amazing ... I was so proud of her.  She showed grace, elegance, beauty and strength.